This week we made posters and decorated them to represent the classroom rules and then everyone voted to see which rule every one wanted. After we found out who won I won! But we laminated them so they would not get ruined. 

Gabby and I also got most of our foodservice ideas ready to go so what we did was we went to the cafeteria and measured some of the places where is mural would go. I know it might be a hard change to the cafeteria but we can make it a better place for students to hang out. 

Also this week I started to clean out the tree cube project. This means that we might not finish it but hay it’s to mover everything out so that other students can have that small area space to put more stuff there like seats, books, and to make it an area to have a quiet work area.  

week-in-review 3/6/2020

This week we are doing a poster challenge and it’s on the classroom rules. Students will vote on who’s poster is the best. I have a really cool is idea for my poster design, and I am hoping it works to win. Also this week I worked on a bunch of units and I completed the 4Cs and evaluating source quality. This week we also got new seats. I like my seat because I have one of my friends at my table and I am close to my friends. I love how the room is shaped differently and how much more space we have. I also love how the library is in the middle of the room and not in a small tight corner.