Week-in-review 1/31/2020

Food service

This week Gaby, Livi, Cassie, and I finished our project proposal. Also throughout the week, my group for food service gathered a bunch of new ideas for our project.

Tree Cube

Gabby and I also got most of our pink side of the cube done! Gabby and I are hoping we get this cube done soon because we want people to use it so that other students can use the cube before they present and so they are proud of there presentation.

Also thanks for checking in

This weeks review

This week I worked in my tree cube. For food survive we had a meeting with one of the café ladies and we talked all about are ideas for improvement to our café. This week Gabby and my tree cube we were hoping to get it done but as you can tell it’s not finished. For the café, we were talking about how we could have a poster board and paint it and hang it up. I also worked on my portfolio and got it done. I only had one unit to write about.  

Tree cube project and Rube Goldburg

Gabby and I have been working on this cube to help you make you feel more comfortable with speaking. We wanted to have a background that is calming and that is beautiful. We did not think it would take this long for it to be finished. We have been hoping we would get it done in like four weeks.

In class, we had a challenge we had to do a Rube Goldberg type of thing and my group made a thing when you roll and marble the marble hits a hammer type thing that hits books that are like a domino thing and then book hits the tape then tape hits a can of beans.